Welcome to Mom-a-Gram! I’m Jay Jones. I’ve never had a choice about writing; even when I quit, writing chases me down. Not even my reading obsession is as inescapable.

It started before I’d lived a decade in this part of life – when I was still pretty good at a lot of things – drawing, video games, dancing (tap, jazz, and ballet)… It started back when MTV still played music videos that made me want to be a director when I grew up.

At about nine years old, I stopped trying to be a jack of all trades and began my weird writing journey.

What am I trying to do with this website? Share all the stuff (spiritual revelations, urban fantasy ideas, fiction that reads realistic, etc.) that I write in spite of myself… I’ve written all kinds of things and even completed some stories and screenplays. Some ideas are only in outline form. I’m going to upload what I’ve got for your amusement and reading pleasure. I’ll also blog about the projects and categories of writing I’ve done/am planning to start.

I’ll blog my thoughts about connections – relationships as a mom, daughter, sister, wife, and friend. I don’t know what you’ll make of it all, but I think you’ll be able to take something away with you.