• All Else Fails, but Heaven Waits

    “Usually” means different things for me today than it did a little over half a decade ago. Thank God, I’ve moved out of the Bad Old Days and into a new life. I have friends and self-esteem (security, instead of insecurity about my identity). I don’t ...

  • The Cure for Comparison & Nightmares

    Do you ever wonder: What would people think if they saw my family as it really is? Would they say, Jay Jones is a good mom. if they could do life with me, as if they, too, lived in my skin? Within my intentions and ...

  • How…& WHY to Relationship

    There are a things going on in my head right now, as usual. Thing 1 has to do with friendship, and Thing 2 revolves around the significance of children – how having them makes life valuable in different ways and at different stages of life.

    I had ...

  • Spoiled

    Definition of Spoiled here👇🏾

    verb (used with object), spoiled or spoilt, spoil·ing.
    to damage severely or harm (something), especially with reference to its excellence, value, usefulness, etc.:
    The water stain spoiled the painting. Drought spoiled the corn crop.
    to diminish or impair the quality of; affect detrimentally:

  • You are a Choice

    I’m up again – late at night with the demons the devil sends to plague me: guilt and doubt. By day, it’s distraction and discouragement – via tv and children. Children, because it’s summertime…

    Spiritual attacks of the enemy, or maybe it is the mind of ...

  • Independence: Good for Parent & Child

    It’s hard for this mom to let them go, but teaching my kids how to do things feels good. Explaining to them why they should do things is very fulfilling. It makes me feel like a good parent.

  • Am I a Good Friend?

    Are you wondering if your friends are good to you or, whether you’re good for them? Ask yourself: 1) Are you preach-y or judge-y? 2) Are you a Picker or a Lifter? And, 3) Are you there for each other in word and deed? Some ...

  • Defeat: You Choose

    Did you know we can choose inspiration over defeat? Well, I want you to know: You’re going somewhere when you hear the devil asking you Who do you think you are?

    You have to know that’s it’s the devil. It’s not you. It’s certainly not God, ...

  • Friends Disappoint

    I’m feeling all the feels, I guess… Feeling like friends think I’m stupid or, a doormat – neither of which is a good thing to think about your friend.

    It’s hard to experience people in whom you’ve invested and in whom you’ve given of yourself – going ...

  • Friends Fight

    Have you ever had that feeling, Friend? When friends feel more like family, and family morphs – hopping onto the bandwagon with your foes? Does family every feel like the enemy you need to love as Jesus Christ loved you?

    Maybe the issue is: Rose-colored glasses. It’d ...