Writing & Building a Future System

It’s been a week. In the summer, when hours melt into days and days melt into weeks without proper borders – my knowledge of the time; my awareness of the day or, date – a week feels like months! No newsletter published… No blog post published or shared across any of my media accounts… But I have been writing. Beginning again in June 2018 after not having written since February for a host of “reasons,” my writing Sister-Friends, Mary Kate and Emily Allen helped me get back into the saddle. Thousands of words are flowing. I decided on at least an option for the ending. I’ll be writing the endings of my screenplays first – before I write anything else – from now on. Alternate endings and then scene building in the future: That’s my new, Future System. I broke this one – that is, this project – into 3 “acts,” to the best of my ability. I’ve drafted  the first act. I’m feeling my way toward the end of the second act. Act III is going to be a hike. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Maybe it won’t be as hard to complete as it feels like it will be to me right now… We shall see.

For good or ill, “Mom” is coming along.

It’s about moms who are friends. Mom Friends and their relationships with their own moms… And it’s a glimpse into what it means to be a mom, though there’s a linear and actual (read: concrete) plot:  A mom is fighting for the beliefs of her daughter, even though her child’s beliefs diametrically oppose her own. In the doing, she fights for her family to come together and come alongside her attempt to help her daughter make her own choice about God.