Every Mom is Running with Glass

Imagine yourself running through life with a glass vase as you carry everything else it’s your job to carry… You’re eventually going to drop that vase, you know?

And it will crack like an iPhone screen, even if it doesn’t shatter.

Your child. Your children. They are the glass vase in my visual.

All that to say: When we think of the moms out there who do things we find unforgivable – who are negligent or reckless or cruel with their children in ways we think even G O D should not forgive… Or, when moms just fail to meet our own, religious and rigorous, sometimes unspoken Mom Standards – the ones that will get you talked about behind your back when you miss it…

☝🏾I’m saying, We should be grateful God forgives those moms…and follow His example of forgiveness and mercy and empathy.

I’m saying, Maybe we need to realize that even cracks created by our “little” misses – losing our temper and shouting, asking a child, What’s w r o n g??? with them when they do something mind 🤯bogglingly gross or hard to clean up 🧼🧹or, laughing at their “petty” issues and concerns… 👈🏾Those misses can cause cracks that burn First Truths into our children…about their value, about their character, about their potential, about what they deserve from other people, about who they are and can be.

And the Law of First Truth makes it hard to shake what was first burned into your soul by your parents (or anyone influential over your body, mind, and soul development when you’re very young), whether the “truth” is true or not. You may have heard the term stronghold; this would be one way a stronghold is born into your soul.

THEREFORE 👆🏾It’s possible that the unforgivable negligence and recklessness and cruelty that we usually read about or hear about on the news regarding some “other” mom…could be as damaging as our own “little” misses.

It’s worth considering, tuning in to our children, and giving them what we ourselves want from every interaction and connection from which we feed and nourish our souls.

👍🏾I recommend giving Dr. Caroline Leaf’s podcast, “Cleaning up the Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf” a good listen 👂🏽