From Living to Loving

Posted on July 17, 2019Comments Off on From Living to Loving

God, thank you for Joyce Meyer’s ministry. Her book, “Living a Life You Love: Embracing the Adventure of Being Led by the Holy Spirit,” made me know immediately that several things needed to change – not only in my mentality/belief system (from feeling it’s okay to live life, to knowing that you mean for us to love life.) Your word says you came, Jesus, to give us abundant life, joy to the full – in this part of life, on this side of heaven.

I’d just had my hair washed and blow dried. I was sitting in the hair salon 💇🏽with my hair pinned up, waiting for my hair to be flat ironed when I started reading.

I wasn’t far in before I came across an analogy that I’ve been using since I read it: An $84,000 deposit into my checking account that zeroes our at the end of the day, wiping out of existence any balance of that amount left unspent… Joyce Meyer compared that to 84,000 seconds God gives us every single day, in order to make readers think about how they are s p e n d i n g something even MORE precious than money – time.

I knew I needed to book more trips with my family and step out on my educational journey (maybe with Todd White’s online school.) I need to volunteer to hold the babies in the hospital that need holding.

The book also helped me confirm that this trip is exactly what needed to happen next. Because it’s something I always thought would never happen – COULD never happen.

This post is worship – considering your identity and ways, God. It is praise. Because you have revealed to me, God the Holy Spirit: I am delivered by Christ’s broken flesh, truly. I am healed. I am loved. I am seen and led and created with purpose. Your power is for me – always, which gives me influence. And I have love – your love for people, for your purpose and plan and salvation of your lost possession.

I experienced it on this trip I thought could never happen. As my children (your reward to us) have been saying: I can’t believe I’m actually here. We’re not just watching on TV or reading in books about it – in other words, sitting on the sidelines of life, just living. We are in the game and living life, being transformed. By your Spirit, going from victory to victory and growing in the knowledge of LORD Jesus… Humility. Wisdom. PATIENCE. Trusting you. Praying about everything. Speaking life. And when we fall into the pit, allowing you to pull us out, repenting (changing our mind about our attitudes and behavior), so we can see you – moment by moment, resurrecting our days for new beginnings.

I hear you saying through these experiences and that book: If you will trust me and take another step, I will give you victory and growth. It’s prepared in advance for you. All you have to do is walk around the corner. Many victories have been written in your book, Child; and you will see as many as you have the faith to take – by continuing to walk. Continuing to step out of the comfort zone of your own wisdom…to hear the wisdom that is as high from your wisdom as the heavens are from the earth – that is, the wisdom which you created to walk beside me in the creation; even your creation, child, before I laid the foundations of the earth (See, Proverbs 8:21-23.)

There. Is. More. For the children of God, who will believe that God will give them all the territory they will take.

Thank you, God, for everything. Amen 🙏🏾