Meanness or teasing on the basis of skin color is not worse than other types of teasing. The villainy of making fun of others is something that is out there. Everyone has experienced it, and

Isn’t it nice when someone pays special attention to you? On your birthday…or, Mother’s Day…or, just any day? My soul position is alienation regarding certain people – people whom I would normally celebrate or expect

So, today I had to, though – I had to ask: What is it you don’t like about yourself? Is it your hair? Your color? What talent do you wish you didn’t have? What skill

I saw a post on Facebook that summed up my inadequacy…and here I am. Writing to you. It was an admonition to ENJOY today. But… Early on, the onslaught began: One of the kids opened

Calm down. Because, anger and shouting aren’t tools of good parents; they tell the world you’re a lunatic. Out of control and rage-y aren’t a good look, Mom. Dad. We have self-control. God is a